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OPI - The Sky’s My Limit

OPI – The Sky’s My Limit

OPI - The SkysI really like that OPI does a lot of collaborative collections with brands and artists. I like that they are fun and usually smaller than the OPI seasonal collections. My most recent favorite would definitely be Coke/Icons of Happiness Collection. This summer, OPI released a collection in honor of the 50th anniversary of the mustang. This didn’t get me too excited. I don’t really like Fords, or…

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NYC Tropicoral

NYC New York Color TropicoralFor several years now I’ve had a thing with coral nail polishes. It all started with butter LONDON Macbeth back in the day and has steam rolled into quite the addiction. Coral polish is such an easy summer manicure color as it goes with most of my summer wardrobe.

Recently I got a new maxi dress from HauteLook. The colors at first had me stumped as to what color polish to pair it with as it has…

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SinfulColors Race Rubber

SinfulColors Race Rubber COVERAs much as I love bright color and neon nail polish the other day I was just in the mood for a dark manicure. I have a few polishes from the new SinfulColors Full Throttle collection and Race Rubber looked like the perfect polish to fit my mood.

The polishes from the Full Throttle collection have what SinfulColors is calling  a rubberized texture. I wasn’t sure what to expect but essentially…

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Essie Serial Shopper

Essie Serial Shopper coverHonestly, I didn’t even realize I had this polish. I don’t know how long I’ve had it or where it came from but I think that’s appropriate considering the name as I am definitely a serial shopper. Which is, most likely, how this polish landed in my stash!

Serial Shopper is from Essie’s Summer 2014 Too Taboo Neon Collection and falls on the more subtle side of neon. Serial Shopper is a bright pink…

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DIY: The Perfect At Home Manicure

The Perfect At Home ManicureDoing my nails at home is something I truly enjoy. I find it to be calming and relaxing; a form of therapy even. Over the (many) years I’ve been doing at home manicures I’ve found a way to create what I consider to be a salon quality manicure.

Nails are a very personal thing and once you find a good at home way to get a professional looking manicure it gives you more freedom to try different nail…

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Sally Hansen Color Foil - Yellow Gold

Sally Hansen Color Foil – Yellow Gold

Sally Hansen - Yellow GoldHappy Friday! You know what I love? Gold nail polish. I do. I love it all. But, by now, you know that already – onward!

A few years ago, I spent far too much time searching Dollar Trees all over Richmond for the Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Make Up polishes… Remember them? They had the awesome chrome bottles – SO cool. Needless to say, I was SUPER excited when I finally got a peek at the new Color…

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NYC Copabanana

NYC New York Color Copabanana COVERI will never get over the name of this polish. Seriously, how cute and clever is Copabanana!?

Anyway. Copabanana is from the Summer 2014 NYC New York Color City Samba collection. The collection was inspired by Brazil and Copabanana fits that theme.

Copabanana is a bright yellow with subtle shimmer. The color is vibrant and the shimmer is absolutely lovely. And despite this being a yellow polish,…

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OPI Down To The Core-al

OPI Down To The Core-al CoverThis polish got lost in the mix for a long time. But last weekend I was looking for a polish to wear with a navy and white dress. I also wanted a polish that would work well under a glow in the dark top coat. Yes, that sounds a tiny bit odd but I went to this really awesome event at Discovery Place (a local science museum) called Science on the Rocks. Basically, you get to go to Discovery Place…

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Barielle - Topless in St. Tropez

Barielle – Topless in St. Tropez

Barielle - Topless in St. TropezIt’s shaping up to be a pretty grey and gloomy week, so picking a fun & vibrant polish was imperative. Lucky for me, I had just the one patiently waiting in the nail polish queue: Topless in St. Tropez. Even the name is fun!

Topless in St. Tropez is from Barielle’s The Keys Collection for Summer 2014. You all know I love location based collections, and this is no different. The polishes are…

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SinfulColors Solar Flux

SinfulColors Solar Flux coverYou know the saying “the grass is always greener”? Well, I have that problem with yellow polishes. I am fully aware the vast majority of yellow anything, not just polish, looks bad on me. Yet here I am with yet another yellow polish despite the fact that so many colors do look good on me! I can’t help it. It’s a problem.

Solar Flux is from the Summer 2014 SinfulColors Silk + Satin collection. The…

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