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DIY Glitter Off Base Coat

DIY Glitter Off Base Coat

DIY Glitter Off Base Coat coverOPI has been busy lately! Recently they’ve released at least 3 collections (!) and a base coat specifically for glitter polishes. When I saw the promos for the OPI Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat I was skeptical. For years I’ve been using a DIY peel off base coat for swatching glitter polishes.

The down side of using the DIY peel off base coat has always been wear time. I get about a day of wear…

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Perfect Pair: SinfulColors Citrine & CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat

Perfect Pair: SinfulColors Citrine & CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat

Perfect Pair SinfulColors Citrine & CND Vinylux Weekly Top CoatThis isn’t going to be a normal post. Fair warning!

Last week I made my way down to Auburn for the spring football game. We actually stayed on Lake Martin which is about half an hour outside of Auburn. We had wonderful time.

I fully intended to take a complete break from even caring about my nails (though I never go anywhere without my Smith’s Rosebud Salve….I wasn’t going to neglect my…

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Essie - Hide & Go Chic I’ve never really spent much time thinking about it but, I think I love Essie’s color descriptions the best. They’re always so fun. OPI wins favorite polish names, but color descriptions – Essie has my heart. They’re so cute and almost always put a smile on my face. The description for Hide & Go Chic is a perfect example:

I see you! Covetable azure blue is ever elusive but impossible to miss – it’s love at first mani.

Yes indeed! While I’m gushing about Essie – I always love  blue Essie polishes. I love them all. The light, the dark, and everything in between.  Below I’ll include some of my favorites!

The formula was great – two coats. No problems whatsoever. I really really love this color. While it doesn’t quite hit the mark for Dazzling Blue, it’s pretty close and still perfectly on trend for Spring and Summer.

Make sure to check our other reviews from this collection: Fashion Playground, Style Hunter, and Truth or Flare.

Random side note: We took a color test a few years ago and thought y’all might be interested too! You can take it here.


More pictures!

Essie - HIde & Go Chic 2

essie - hide&gochic

Essie - Hide & Go Chic

And as promised… some of my favorite blue Essie polishes…

Essie – Hide & Go Chic I’ve never really spent much time thinking about it but, I think I love Essie’s color descriptions the best.
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OPI Big Hair…Big Nails

OPI Big Hair…Big Nails

OPI Big Hair...Big Nails coverAh the OPI Texas collection.

Back in the Spring of 2011 OPI released their Texas collection. Prior to its release OPI was touting their new and revolutionary sorbet finish polishes. By now we all know these “sorbet finish” polishes are just jelly polishes with a fancy OPI name but regardless I picked up Big Hair…Big Nails because I was curious. While the finish wasn’t anything new or…

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Perfect Pair: PISTOL polish Blue Bonnie & Funky Fingers Jawbreaker

Perfect Pair: PISTOL polish Blue Bonnie & Funky Fingers Jawbreaker

Perfect Pair PISTOL polish Blue Bonnie & Funky Fingers JawbreakerI’ve been in a bit of a nail polish rut lately. In an attempt to solve this (very serious) problem I decided to combine two of my more recent favorite discoveries; PISTOL polish Blue Bonnie and Funky Fingers Jawbreaker. They went together surprisingly well!

Blue Bonnie is a polish I just can’t get enough of and combining it with Jawbreaker really brought out the blue glitter in Jawbreaker. I…

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SH - Charteuse Chase MainOkay. I am SO EXCITED to write this post, that I’m actually starting it before evening opening the bottle. If you caught my tweet the other night, you knew I was on the prowl for Chartreuse Chase. But let me explain how I got from: not even knowing it existed to I need this polish in my life ASAP.

A week ago Alli reviewed Deborah Lippmann Spring Buds. In the comments, my new friend Magda mentioned searching for chartreuse polishes. I came across a swatch of Chartreuse Chase by Steph over at Steph’s Closet and I knew I had to have it.

Okay! So, the moment of truth? Was it worth the brief stay on my must have now list? Yes. Yes. Yes. If Spring Buds is pollen in a bottle, Chartreuse Chase is its radioactive counterpart. It’s a gorgeous chartreuse, depending on the light it can appear more yellow or more green. It has a subtle, yet magnificent blue flash.  I used three coats to get a nice opaque look and I’m really happy with the results.

You can pick this polish up at Ulta or your local drugstore! Lots of pictures below and I included a little history of the word chartreuse! Go! Look!


katie pinksig14

Confession: I kind of love etymology (the study of the true meaning of words & their origins). Most polish names don’t require any research (ex: OPI Big Apple Red, Wet n Wild Red Red) – but every so often I come across ones that I want to know more about (ex: Sally Hansen Loden Green). SO, I decided to look up a bit more about this “chartreuse” business….

Sally Hansen - Chartreuse Chase (lightbox)

I headed to the ever helpful Online Eytmology Dictionary and found out that Chartreuse is actually a type of liqueur made by monks living in the Chartreuse Mountains in the 1700′s. The liqueur takes on a green hue. How fun!

If you feel that my mini-lesson on “chartreuse” has been inadequate, I encourage you to learn a little more! Wikipedia has entries both on the color and the liqueur… Enjoy!

Sally Hansen - Chartreuse Chase

Fun Fact: The only polishes from the Insta-Dri line that I own… are all green!



Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Chartreuse Chase Okay. I am SO EXCITED to write this post, that I’m actually starting it before evening opening the bottle.

Forever 21 Black Magic

Forever 21 Black Magic

Forever 21 Black Magic coverHere comes the broken record: I am seriously loving Forever 21 nail polishes! I’ve tried two polishes in addition to Black Magic; Mint Chip and Cosmic Matter, and I loved both of them. But I have to say, Black Magic might be my favorite!

Black Magic is a textured (or sand lacquer…) blackened purple with gold and purple glitter. It is very similar to Julep Glam Roc though the two aren’t dupes.…

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OPI Umpires Come Out At Night

OPI Umpires Come Out At Night

OPI Umpires Come Out At Night coverAt this point we are several weeks into the MLB regular season and my baseball fever is kind of out of control. My friends call my house baseball central. There’s a game on every TV. And if there are no games, the MLB Network is on.

So to say the least I’m loving the OPI Fashion Plate collection. When I was wearing this polish I kept going up to people and making them ask what my nail polish was…

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Pixi Lime Lustre

Pixi Lime Lustre coverI’ve been seriously into green polishes lately! Normally I don’t gravitate towards green polishes but with all the awesome green polishes being released for spring I can’t seem to help myself.

For Spring 2014 Pixi released 3 new polishes. Lime Lustre immediately caught my attention. In the bottle I thought I was going to like it. On the nail I loved it!

Lime Lustre is a surprisingly wearable pale…

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Giveaway DestinationsHappy Monday! It’s Spring Break for me… Last year I went to South Beach, But I’ve opted for a staycation over something more adventurous this year. It’s time for the second of four Lex Cosmetics giveaways. I’ve decided to celebrate my week off with a Getaway Giveaway: Lex Cosmetics Destinations!

The Shades of Glitter & Grey Giveaway was a lot of fun – congrats again to Anna! I’ve had fun coming up with themes for the giveaways, so this one is…Destinations!

For your polishing pleasure, we have a trio comprised of Atlantic, Cayman Cabana, and Himalayas! I love the way these three compliment each other and I think they’d look gorgeous used together in a dotticure or water marble…

Check below for contest details! This giveaway will end April 25, 2014 at 8pm EST.

katie pinksig14

Giveaway - Destinationsbottles

1.To enter, simply fill out the entry form. We delete the responses after each giveaway and do not give your information to anyone for any reason. Please do not enter your personal information in a comment. For your safety, we don’t publish those comments, nor do they count as entries.
2. The giveaway begins 4/14/14 and ends 4/25/14 at 8:00pm EST.
3. This is an international giveaway – yes, really! Get excited!
4. You must follow The Daily Varnish (via Facebook,Twitter, email etc).
5. If you are under 18 please make sure to get your parents’ permission before entering!
6. The winner will win the Lex Cosmetics Getaway trio: Cayman Cabana, Atlantic, and Himalayas.
7. The winner will be chosen via and notified by email and announced by first name on Facebook (with your permission).

Note: If you choose not to provide a mailing address , you must respond to our email within 24 hours. After 24 hours, we will choose a new winner.

Getaway Giveaway: Lex Cosmetics Destinations Trio Happy Monday! It’s Spring Break for me… Last year I went to South Beach, But I’ve opted for a staycation over something more adventurous this year.
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